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Assembly backs Green Party plan for dedicated youth homeless funding

The London Assembly unanimously supported Sian Berry’s call for more action on the crisis of  youth homelessness in London.  The number of rough sleepers, in the Capital, among 18-25 year olds has rapidly increased by 47% in 2020 compared to the previous year. Coronavirus has compounded homelessness in the Capital for young people with restrictions forcing […]

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Sadiq Khan is failing on the environment

Airport expansion and hitting environmental targets to slow down global warming are incompatible. But the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is continuing to support the expansion of Gatwick airport. While Heathrow expansion is being challenged in the courts, Sian Berry, the Green candidate for Mayor, has criticised the current administration for only paying “lip […]

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Green “tsunami” continues to sweep Europe

The rising support for Green parties across Europe has led to many talking about a Green “tsunami” and a “quiet revolution” – that will shake up international politics. Greens had unprecedented success in the EU elections last May, with almost 10% of seats going to Green or allied parties. More recently, in France’s municipal elections […]

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Green Party Recommit to Safeguarding London’s Vital Green Belt

Party reaffirms position on ‘gold-plating’ London’s Green Belt to protect land from housing development & untap it’s full potential  At the recent Autumn Conference, Green Party Members came together to pass a new Food and Agricultural policy which ensures the sustainable use of Green Belt land in providing a wide range of environmental benefits including […]

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Green Party call to end “high carbon” advertising

A new Green Party policy calling for the end of “high carbon” advertising could restrict commercials for environmentally unfriendly products on London’s transport services.   The pioneering plan to phase out all advertising for polluting goods and services, like long haul flights, became official policy on Sunday at online Party Conference. As London’s first Green Mayor Sian Berry would move Transport for London (TfL) to implement the policy […]

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Green Assembly Member Calls for Cancellation of Silvertown Tunnel

Green London Assembly member, Caroline Russell, revealed last week that the Mayor of London has committed Londoners to paying £65 million a year for a quarter of a century for the Silvertown Road Tunnel.  Green Assembly Members have asked 102 questions about the Siltvertown Road Tunnel and it has taken sustained cross party work, community […]

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