Silvertown Tunnel Needs Better Scrutiny

About Sian Berry – Sian Berry AM

London Greens have long been campaigning against the controversial the Silvertown Tunnel – work begins next summer. It will encourage more vehicle journeys in the capital, and stands against the Mayor’s climate targets.  

But the project is also suffering from a huge deficit in accountability, according to Assembly Member Sian Berry.

Sian has asked the Mayor about more information on toll charges on the tunnel. “For years, campaigners and local councillors at both ends of the potential tunnel have repeatedly called for information about what would happen if in the future a London mayor chooses to remove or reduce the tolls that are intended to keep traffic induced by the plans down.” 

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said that tolls needed to be charged to recoup the £2 billion cost of the project. 

However, a loophole exists that would allow future leaders to drop the charges.Berry says, now that the tunnel is going ahead, the issue is about accountability. “This motion is not about whether Silvertown Tunnel should go ahead, this is about the assembly ensuring all projects that affect Londoners have proper assessment and transparency.  


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