Housing Conference

21 October 2017

We need a new council with new ideas. Now!

07 September 2017

The Green Party candidate has called on the Council to resign after the Grenfell housing scandal

Sian Berry speaks out at Grenfell Tower

19 June 2017

Why did it all go wrong for Theresa May?

13 June 2017

Animal Manifesto launch delayed

29 May 2017

Our candidates - launching our campaign for London

14 May 2017

The party has selected 67 candidates to stand in constituencies across London and campaigning is already underway.

Women's manifesto will end the detention of asylum seekers

13 May 2017

Deputy leader Amelia Womack: “The detention of asylum seekers in centres such as Yarl's Wood is inhumane, costly and totally unnecessary”

Our Environment Manifesto - Caroline Lucas in London

11 May 2017

Caroline Lucas has set out how we'll put the environment at the heart of our policies in London.

Jean Lambert MEP calls for a cleaner rhetoric

18 April 2017

As Peter Underwood condemned a nasty attack in Croydon, Jean Lambert our MEP for London blogs on Brexit rhetoric

Jean Lambert MEP and expert panel Answer Question about George Osborne

27 March 2017

The London Evening Standard has long run one of the strongest air pollution campaigns but we learn that George Osborne has been appointed as their editor-in-waiting. George is responsible for the tax incentives encouraging drivers to switch to diesel.


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