Casey Review one year on – Green Mayoral candidate calls out lack of progress

On the first anniversary of the publication of the Casey Review, the Green Party’s candidate for Mayor of London has called out the lack of progress and says acknowledging the issues is the first step to rebuilding trust.

The report, which was published on 21 March 2023, describes The Met as being institutionally racist, misogynist, homophobic and disablist. 

Baroness Cassey referenced racist officers and staff, routine sexism, and “deep-seated” homophobia.

Zoë Garbett, said “The failure to accept that the Met is institutionally racist after it was set out so clearly in report after report – most recently in Casey review is inexcusable.  

“The Commissioner could have accepted that charge but he chose not to. Londoners can see the disproportionality in policing and this desperately needs addressing.

“The police are meant to be there to keep Londoners safe – and the reality is for decades  many people don’t feel that is the case.

“Greens in City Hall have been the fiercest voice calling for a change in the way we do policing in London. But until the service recognises the issues, we can’t start the process of rebuilding trust.”

The Green candidate also pledged to focus more on local community policing which was another recommendation in the Casey Review.

Garbett added, “A Green Mayor would restore community policing and invest in supporting Safer Neighbourhood Boards and panels which represent local communities at borough and ward level where residents can direct priorities and hold the Met to account. 

“This would also help improve trust between the community and the police by creating regular communication and allowing local people and businesses to have much more input into local policing priorities.”


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