London Green Party

"We're working hard to elect more Greens across the city"

London Green Party is the regional grouping of the Green Party - made up of our 27 borough level local parties.

We work hard to get more Greens elected across London. Whether that's London Assembly Members or local Councillors.

LDN Greens

Our committee are elected via the Annual General Meeting. Our current officer team is:

Coordinator: Colin Boyle
Treasurer: David Farbey
Secretary: Amit Sood
Training Officer: vacant
Local Party Support Officer: Clifford Fleming
Media Officer: Rupert George
Election Agent: Nick Barnett
Elections Coordinator: Malcom Powell
Elected Member Liaison Officer: Rosemary Warrington
Policy and Campaigns Officer: Zoƫ Garbett
Diversity Officer: vacant
Disability Officer: vacant
Trade Union Liaison Officer: Matthew Hull
GPRC Representative (Male/Non Binary): Phil Vabulus
GPRC Representative (Woman/Non Binary): Rosemary Warrington

You can contact the team by emailing

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