About us

“We’re working hard to elect more Greens across the city”

London is covered by twenty-seven local Green Parties brought together under the regional party London Green Party.

Decisions are made at members meetings where we also have the opportunity to hold our London Assembly Members to account in a question time. All members are entitled to attend and take part.

London Green Party is administered by our Coordinator, and a number officers. All officers are elected by ordinary London Green Party members at the Annual General Meeting which normally takes place in October.

Our committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting.

Our current officer team is:

  • Coordinator: Hannah Smith and Colin Boyle
  • Treasurer: David Farbey
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officers x 2:
    • Antoinette Fernandez
    • 1 x vacant
  • Disability Officer: vacant
  • Election Agent: vacant
  • Local Party Support Officer: Vivien Lichtenstein
  • Membership Officer: Danny Keeling
  • Non-Portfolio Officers:
    • Ben Hyde
    • RoseMary Warrington
    • 3 x vacant
  • Trade Union Liaison Officer: Erwin Schaefer & Tom Wood
  • Training Officer: Laurence Solkin
  • GPRC Representative (Male/Non Binary): Joe Hudson-Small
  • GPRC Representative (Woman/Non Binary): Marley King

You can contact the team by emailing team@london.greenparty.org.uk

The London Green Party constitution is available here.

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