Your donations can help transform london

Here in London we have a huge opportunity to get more Greens elected!

The local elections are only a year away – and we’re on course to elect more councillors than ever.

With your support we can get more Greens in Town Halls across London. Winning action on the climate emergency and the housing crisis.

We’re asking you to invest in achieving success in this campaign. With your support we can deliver our best ever result next May.

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Donate in other ways

Make a bank transfer or standing order

A one off payment or regular standing order helps cover the cost of our campaign. Our bank details are:
Account name: London Green Party
Sort Code: 089033
Account: 50053722

Please use your last name and postcode as a reference so we know who to thank.

Send a cheque

Cheques are still incredibly welcome!

Please contact the Regional Treasurer ( for details on where to send your cheque.

Please note that due to Electoral Commission regulations, we are unfortunately unable to accept:

– anonymous donations over £500

– donations over £500 from individuals who are not on the UK electoral register

– donations over £500 from non-UK registered groups, businesses etc

Many thanks for your generosity and understanding.

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