“The time is now.” – Green Party launches manifesto for London.

Green Party launches its London Manifesto in Walthamstow today with a commitment to deal with the housing crisis, cutting daily living costs for Londoners and making the city safer.

Zoë Garbett, who is standing as the Green Party’s candidate for Mayor of London, said:

“London isn’t working for too many people in our city. We need a plan to refocus London for the workers and renters of our city.

“That’s what this Manifesto is about. Not a mayor sitting in City Hall, but a campaign on the side of workers and renters in every workplace, neighbourhood and community.

“For so many Londoners, the problems of our city start at home. As a private renter, I know how unaffordable London is. I know how unsecure it can feel when you know that your landlord can hike rents or kick you out with little notice.

“In our manifesto, we set out how we will tackle this. Big ideas, bold plans, rooted firmly in what Londoners are saying and need. That’s what the Green Party is about – being on the side of workers, of renters, of people.

“The time for a Green Mayor of London is now.”

The policies the Green Party would introduce to address the inequality across London include:

  • Reduce transport costs, including by extending free bus travel to under 22s, providing free bus travel to people seeking asylum and reinstating free pre-9am travel for Freedom Pass and 60+ Oyster card holders.
  • Provide free school meals for primary and secondary school children.
  • Set up a rent commission to get a better deal for renters – by not only introducing a rent freeze, but ultimately bringing down rents.
  • Make the Met earn that trust and confidence of communities, reducing the use of stop and search on young people and deprioritising the policing of drugs.

The party held the event in zone three to draw attention to the fact many Londoners have been priced out of more central areas where they lived in, grew up in and called home and were moving to boroughs like Waltham Forest or further.

The Green Party Deputy leader and Green London Assembly member, Zack Polanski, said:

“London should be a national and global leader but when it comes to housing our city has some of the most expensive and worse quality homes in the country. The current Labour Mayor has not done enough to address this.

“One of our key commitments in this manifesto is that we will deal with the lack of affordable and good quality housing right across the City.

“As a Green Mayor of London, Zoë will demand rent control power and will introduce a two-year rent freeze as soon as we get them. We will also set up a Rent Commission to look at bringing down private rents.”

You can download the Full Manifesto

You can download the Mini Manifesto



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