Delivery Drivers Rights Under Attack

Zoë Garbett: 'Time for the Green Party to move from opposition to  policymakers'

A newly elected Green Party councillor has been working to protect the rights of delivery drivers in her borough. 

Zoe Garbett, a ward councillor for Dalston, became involved in the issue after seeing a clash between riders and police in May of this year. 

20 police officer took part in an operation to clamp down on moped crime and antisocial driving. 

But tensions flared after a rider was reportedly arrested over their immigration status. 

Garbett said – ‘I witnessed the police forcefully pushing people and throwing them to the ground or out of the way and using batons to hit people.’ 

Couriers frequently say they feel targeted by the police and traffic enforcement officers. Garbett wants to see more protection for them – ‘Couriers are a vital part of our economy and need to be able to carry out there work in a dignified and safe way.’ 

The Hackney Green Party has also been encouraging couriers to join the Independent Workers of Great Britain Union, as well as taking part in boycotts and protests on the Town Hall steps.  


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