No Expansion for City Airport

London Greens are taking a stand against disastrous plans for the expansion of City Airport. 

Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Zack Polanski, in response to a recent consultation, said:- “We are already in a climate emergency with too many flights. We need to stop all airport expansion.” 

The airport is preparing to submit an application to Newham Council. It wants to vastly increase the annual number of passengers from 6.5 million to 9 million, open up flights on Saturday until ten at night, and double the number of flights between 6.30 and 6.59 in the morning.  

This would mean more pollution, more noise for residents and a staggering increase in CO2 emissions. 

According to Zack: ‘Expanding City Airport is not in line with the UK’s net zero target of 2050.’ Instead, he suggested demand needs to be reduced, not catered for. ‘The best way to reduce the stress and health impacts of airplane noise would be to close the airport and fill the site with much-needed homes instead, while re-training existing staff in green jobs ensuring a fair, green transition.”


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