Green Party announces Zoë Garbett as candidate for Mayor of London

2024 Mayor Candidate Launch Feb-23

The Green Party has announced Zoë Garbett will be its candidate for the Mayor of London next year as she set out her vision for a Green London in 2024.

In a speech today [Friday 10 February] outside City Hall (Newham), Zoë spoke of her plans to make London a Greener, fairer city with measures including free bus travel for young people and cleaner ways to use Silvertown Tunnel.

The Greens are London’s third party, and the first to select both a candidate for the Mayor of London and candidates for the London-wide Assembly list after a selection process culminating in early February.

Zoë, a councillor for the Dalston ward in Hackney, previously ran for Mayor of Hackney in 2022 where she came second.

Zoë said: “I’m overjoyed to have been chosen to be the Green Party’s candidate for London Mayor and want to say a huge thank you to Greens across London who have selected me – I’ve been overwhelmed with the support and I can’t wait to start this campaign
“I’m also delighted to be standing with so many fantastic Greens for the Assembly- I’d like to thank everyone who put themselves forward, with so many great candidates the competition was tough – this shows what an exciting future we have ahead of us as a Party.

“I got into politics because I cannot sit by and watch issues and people being ignored. Greens are compassionate, proactive and incredibly hard working. And with the multiple crises we are facing – the cost of living and housing crisis, the crisis in our workforce and of course the climate crisis – the need for more elected Greens has never been more urgent.

“Everyday, Greens are putting our values into practice – and people like what they see. Just imagine what a Green-powered London could look like!

“We have the energy, ideas & candidates to run our most ambitious campaign yet – not just to set the agenda but to turn city hall Green in 2024.”

Zoë added that she would continue the current work of the Green Party in London to tackle issues across the city: “Londoners need a campaigning mayor – who will stand up for them, fight back against austerity and fight for more rights. This includes more devolved powers to London but more importantly – more power for residents over decisions made about their lives, homes and communities. We understand the issues facing Londoners. We are ready to take action. It’s time for political change and we are ready.”

Sian Berry, the Green Party’s candidate for Mayor of London in 2016 and 2021, supported Zoë in this year’s internal campaign.

Speaking before the event, Sian said: “I am delighted Zoë was selected as the Green Party candidate for this vitally important role. She is a real talent, a breath of fresh air, and the best choice London could make for 2024.”


1. Zoë won the internal selection with 51.2 percent of first preference votes, standing against two other internal candidates.


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