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Greens Ensure The Voices of Residents Are Listened To

The Green Party have managed to secure a last-minute public hearing on the controversial Stag Brewery development in Mortlake.  Assembly member Caroline Russell seconded an emergency motion to delay the go-ahead for the site until residents’ views have been properly heard.  This move could set a precedent for making urban planning more inclusive and sustainable.  The 843-unit build in South West London […]

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Londoners Should Get On Their Bikes!

A radical change is sweeping across London – increasing numbers of people getting out of their cars and onto bikes.  But London Assembly Member Zack Polanski wants this green wave to move further and faster.  “The whole of London deserves to breathe cleaner air,” says Zack. But for this to happen, “there has to be a total upheaval of how we encourage and fund increased cycling […]

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The Silvertown Tunnel, the controversial road tunnel under the River Thames, has not been subject to proper public scrutiny, according to Green Party London Assembly Member, Zack Polanski. Mayor Sadiq Khan failed to validate his claim that the public were consulted about the £2 billion Silvertown Tunnel in its present form, following questioning by Zack Polanski during Mayor’s Question Time. The Mayor argued he had consulted the […]

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Let’s Go Further In Making Oxford Street Fit for the 21st Century

The planned pedestrianisation of Oxford Street doesn’t go far enough according to a leading Green politician.   Westminster City Council recently unveiled plans for a vehicle-free piazza.   But it only involves closing a 150 metre stretch of the road which is one of the most polluted high streets in the world.   In 2018 levels of toxic […]

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A Green councillor in Lambeth has called for the halting of the demolition of three housing estates.  Peter Elliot, who represents the Gypsy Hill ward, says that refurbishing these estates would be a better alternative.   Lambeth Council has pushed through planning applications for the demolitions, despite the absence of masterplans and an overwhelming number of […]

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Greens support London Living Wage for care workers.

Zack Polanski, who was elected to the London Assembly in May, has delivered on his promise to ensure a living wage motion for careworkers was successfully passed in the London Assembly. Commending London’s critical group of careworkers from all over the world, Zack highlighted their vital role in looking after the vulnerable, sacrificing their personal […]

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