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Greens badger Ken over headline-grabbing gimmicks

Darren Johnson is holding firm to his accusation that the Mayor is ‘squandering’ London’s wildlife budget. The row ensued after the London Assembly Green Party Group proposed to cut the Mayor’s subsidy for London Zoo and switch the money to practical nature conservation work. It emerged that only £51,000 of the Mayor’s environmental budget is […]

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Green light for clean power in London

Commenting on the Mayor’s Draft Energy Strategy launched on 21 January, Victor Anderson, Environment Advisor to the Mayor said, "I want to see the Mayor using his planning powers to turn down all planning applications for new office blocks in London powered by yesterday’s polluting fossil fuels.” Victor added, “The Mayor’s Draft Energy Strategy is […]

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Greens bid farewell to human shield for Iraq

Jenny says, “The sheer number who signed-up to volunteer to be human shields shows the desperate outrage people are feel over the prospect of war. The Green Party is the only political party in Britain which has consistently opposed this unjust and immoral war against Iraq. US and British led sanctions have already murdered around […]

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