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Greens call for radical drugs policies in London

Jenny Jones, Member of the Greater London Assembly and Metropolitan Police Authority said: "The police waste a large amount of time dealing with drugs possession offences. Legalising the use of cannabis would free up police time to tackle serious crime, as has been shown in Lambeth. We also need to offer heavy drug users treatment […]

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Greens highlight nuclear threat

Trains carrying nuclear waste for reprocessing regularly cross the capital, passing through several boroughs where the Green Party expects to win seats in the local elections on 2 May. Elected Greens in London will oppose the continued transport of nuclear waste and press for complete decommissioning of nuclear power stations. As one alternative to meeting […]

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Young Greens challenge voter ‘apathy’

The Green Party believes that young people should get involved in local government. It argues that so-called voter ‘apathy’ amongst the young is not laziness, and that one of the reasons for low voter turnout is that many people perceive little difference between Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat policies. London’s young Green candidates offer energy, […]

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Green animal rights policies for the local elections

Danny Bates, Policy Coordinator for London Green Party said: "Animals should have the right to live without human-inflicted suffering or cruelty. They also deserve the right to have their basic needs met. The inadequacy of current animal welfare legislation means that these basic rights are often not respected. "Much more needs to be done by […]

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London Greens launch new website

In the run up to the borough elections on May 2nd, the website will carry news on the Greens’ election campaign as well as the London manifesto and details of all Green candidates. The creation of an ambitious new website reflects the confidence that Greens will be elected to councils in several boroughs on May […]

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