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Green party selects its candidate for Mayor of London

London Green party members have been sent voting papers for the above candidate selection, complete with statements by the candidates. To help members make up their mind, hustings are being held tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd April 2003) at the University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1 commencing at 7.30pm. Press and other media representatives are […]

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Greens hope Mayor’s Plan will go back to the drawing board

During the Examination, the Mayor’s plans were blasted by a broad range of influential organisations including the Environment Agency, the London Sustainable Development Commission, the London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies, the London Assembly, Friends of the Earth. Only the Mayor’s Office and the big business lobby argued that the Plan was sustainable. Darren […]

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Darren launches bid to be London’s Green Mayor

The Green Party is currently selecting its candidate and Darren is one of four Greens seeking the backing of party members. The successful candidate will be announced on 6 May, following a ballot of all London members. Darren commented, " I was honoured to be the Green Party’s Mayoral candidate last time and would very […]

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Budget for peace and sustainability, not for war

Darren Johnson AM, Leader of the Greens in the London Assembly said today, "The fact that the Chancellor has a big pot of money to fund a war but not to fund major investment in the future is an indictment of Labour’s priorities. It isn’t just about Iraq, it’s militaristic policies in general. In the […]

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Greens reject support for the Olympics

The London Assembly Culture Committee published its Scrutiny Report on the Mayor’s Culture Strategy without any criticism of the current approach to the Olympics. The Greens are not prepared to go along with support for the London Olympic Bid as they remain unconvinced by current proposals. The Greens’ biggest concern about the bid is over […]

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Ken Livingstone abandons old friends, old promises and the poor of East London to build big-business motorway

Keen supporters of the plan, Mayor Ken Livingstone and Transport Minister John Speller, are both attending the reception at Canary Wharf. Ken Livingstone originally opposed the building of the bridge during his campaign to become Mayor in May 2000. At one meeting of local people, he stated that if the planners wanted the bridge they […]

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