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Bro-Ken promises loom on environmentally friendly jobs

Cllr. Darren Johnson AM, is arguing that the Mayor is failing to fully support the much-needed creation of jobs in areas such recycling, energy efficiency schemes, the incorporation of solar energy into buildings and organic food production and retail. Ken Livingstone himself set a target of creating 10,000 new jobs in green business by 2005. […]

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Greens enjoy support across London

522 Green candidates stood in 31 boroughs across London and Green votes were up in almost every part of the capital. In Lewisham, Darren Johnson was elected to serve Brockley Ward. He said: "It is a privilege to have been elected to represent Brockley. People in the ward have given strong support to the Green […]

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Greens expect best vote ever

Greens expect to win new seats on a number of London borough councils and could end up holding the balance of power on one or two. Noel Lynch, Coordinator of London Green Party said: "Voters are completely disillusioned with the other main parties and their look-a-like policies. We are getting a very encouraging response on […]

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Greens call for Low Emission Zone

The LEZ would improve air quality and reduce pollution by requiring higher emission standards from vehicles entering the zone. This would apply to large vehicles such as lorries and coaches, not to cars. The aim is to reduce asthma amongst children and deaths from respiratory diseases amongst older people. Jenny Jones, Green Member of the […]

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Green mayoral candidates challenge New Labour

The Lewisham and Newham mayors will be the first directly elected (executive) mayors in London boroughs. Other boroughs such as Hackney are in the process of holding referenda to decide whether to have such mayors. Gabrielle Rolf, Green Mayoral Candidate for Newham said: "The Green Party does not believe that having executive mayors is the […]

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