Greens slam trans conversion therapy

Caroline Russell - Assembly Member | London City Hall

London Greens have attacked conversion therapy as an abusive practice, and that everyone, including trans people, should be protected from it.

Green London Assembly member Caroline Russell called on the London Assembly Chair to write to Ministers outlining its opposition to conversion therapy.

15 per cent of trans Londoners have been offered or have experienced conversion therapy. Caroline said: “The shameful practice of conversion therapy is a form of mental abuse and is part of a long list of abuses that trans people face in many areas of their public and private lives. Protecting trans lives should not be a political football – it is a question of basic human rights and decency. I’m so glad that the Assembly spoke with one voice, standing with our trans and gender diverse friends, colleagues and neighbours in rejecting the despicable practice of conversion therapy and calling for trans people to be included in the protection of the Government’s conversion therapy ban.” 


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