London Green Party supports the RMT strike

Greens have expressed their “total support” for workers on the UK’s railways, as they begin three days of strike action over threats to jobs, pay and safety at work.

Rail workers employed by Network Rail and dozens of Train Operating Companies will walk out on 21, 23, and 25 June to demand a fair pay offer and guarantees that jobs will not be cut.

The RPI rate of inflation approaches 11.1%, meaning prices and bills are rising faster than wages and real-terms pay is falling(1).  A report from grocery trade body IGD has indicated that food price rises could hit 15% this Summer(2).

The RMT trade union has accused the Government and employers of threatening thousands of job cuts and failing to offer a pay rise in line with rising prices.

London Green Party calls on the Government to sit down with the RMT trade union and negotiate a fair settlement.

  • Everyone deserves safe workplaces, secure jobs and pay you can really live on.
  • The Government and railway employers have failed to offer rail workers a decent pay rise or job security. They have given 50,000 rail workers no choice but to take strike action, and we totally support the RMT trade union in taking that step.
  • The Government has caused this mess and they must take responsibility. Passengers and workers both want a successful, affordable rail network in public ownership and underpinned by
    good jobs.
  • It’s time for the Government to come to its senses, sit down with rail unions and negotiate a fair settlement to protect jobs and workers’ pay from inflation.

With regard to the Government’s floated proposals to introduce so-called “minimum service requirements” that would force some rail workers to keep working through strike action, the London Green Party view is that:

  • These proposals are a blatant attack on workers’ rights, and an attack on our democracy.
  • The right to get organised and take strike action with colleagues is a hard-won and fundamental right.
  • This is an attack on every person who works for a living and we stand resolutely against it.

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