Mayor’s toxic tunnel will waste £2 billion

This tunnel is an attack on East Londoners’ right to clean air

Greens would stop this polluting waste of money

Green Assembly Member Caroline Russell has revealed that Sadiq Khan’s Silvertown Road Tunnel in East London will cost Londoners £2 billion, nearly THREE TIMES the original price.

The current Mayor has committed Londoners to paying £65 million a year for 25 years under a contract signed last year, which Greens warned was a huge mistake.

Sian says: “The Mayor has not been straight with Londoners. Last year he told us the tunnel would cost £1 billion. This is outrageous and I stand with local communities opposing this environmental nightmare. Road building is so wrong in a climate and air pollution crisis. We don’t need a belching, polluting new road tunnels through some of London’s most deprived areas. As Green Mayor I would cancel this massive waste of money.”


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