Noise makes itself heard on London’s political agenda

Victor Anderson said; "Noise is making itself heard on the political agenda and it’s an unignorable din. It has become another form of urban blight which we need to quell."

"Noise is high up on Londoners’ list of worries, but the powers-that-be have so far refused to treat it as seriously as it deserves. I hope that the London Noise Strategy – the first in the country – will provide some remedy.”

The Strategy contains some 100 policies designed to tackle ‘ambient’ or ‘environmental’ noise in buildings as well as from traffic, aircraft and other sources.

Victor is giving high priority to noise insulation in new buildings, through the use of planning powers.

"The cause of bitter disputes between neighbours is often down to poor architecture and poor planning. This strategy will provide a push to raise standards of building design throughout London".

In view of the forecast population increase of 700,000 extra people in London over the next 15 years, this is particularly important.

The strategy also outlines the Mayor’s support for the Greens’ call for a ban on night flights.


Notes for Editors

The full text of the Draft Strategy will be available through the GLA website at The Strategy will be out for public consultation, from the launch up until June 13th.


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