Greens dismayed as Assembly fails to make London a city of peace

The Greens had urged the London Assembly to add its name to the Cities of Peace movement. Cities of Peace is a rapidly growing movement, which includes 139 cities in the USA, which have passed resolutions against pre-emptive war.

The Assembly voted against the motion proposed by Darren Johnson, as the other main political parties yet again refused to represent the views of the people of London. Instead, a Labour and Tory alliance passed a watered-down motion that leaves room for the Assembly to support the government if they illegally attack Iraq without a UN resolution explicitly authorising force.

Darren Johnson said, “Londoners are massively opposed to this war that is threatening the very fabric of international law and order. As national government continues to ignore the views of the people, I’m dismayed that their voice cannot even be heard at the regional level.

The Greens firmly support the stance the Mayor has taken in his clear opposition to this unjust and immoral war. We urge the Mayor not to support this ambiguous motion.”



1. Cambridge City Council passed a motion to become a city of peace on 13th February 2003.

2. Cities of Peace


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