Councils for Peace proposal by London Greens

Greens are proposing that local councils pass an emergency motion to make themselves Councils for Peace, so that London can join the numerous cities promoting peace across the world, including 151 in the USA alone.

Cllr. Darren Johnson AM said, “Londoners are massively opposed to this war that is threatening the very fabric of international law and order. As national government continues to ignore the views of the people, Londoners’ views must be represented at the local level."

The potential war on Iraq is an issue of major concern to all Londoners. 72% of Londoners are opposed to action in Iraq without UN approval and 79% of Londoners think that a terrorist attack in London will be more likely if British forces take part in an attack. It is estimated that a war in Iraq could cost London £1bn in lost tourism alone.

Greens are calling on local councils to pass a motion that states that:
the council is not convinced that a case for war against Iraq has been made;
the council will not support any action that undermines the authority of the United Nations and results in British forces taking part in military action in Iraq without a UN mandate.



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