Bring ‘our boys’ back where they belong: support the troops but not the war

‘Our troops joined up to defend our country and keep the peace, not wage a war on behalf of US corporate interests,’ said Cllr. Darren Johnson, Leader of the Green Party Group in the London Assembly.

‘It is an abuse of the loyalty and the lives of British soldiers to use them in this immoral war, which the majority of Londoners oppose and which has no backing from the UN. We should bring our troops back home where they belong.’

Darren continued, ‘Greens believe this war is wrong and in the circumstances, we are concerned for the welfare of our troops. Our soldiers will continue to be as professional as ever, but it is wrong to send them into a war that the majority of the public oppose’.

The Green Party believes that the United Nations should be allowed to find a peaceful solution to the problems in the Middle East.

The Greens believe that the US should have waited for the weapons inspectors to finish their task and found a diplomatic solution through the UN, rather than launching a pre-emptive strike on Iraq.



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