Tory Norris would be London’s "night-mayor", say Greens

Darren Johnson said, "Ken Livingstone has been a disappointment on many issues but the last thing London needs is a Tory Mayor pledging to abolish the congestion charge – the one policy that will undoubtedly be Livingstone’s greatest achievement."

He continued, "People will not trust a former Director of the Road Haulage Association to tackle London’s transport problems."

Darren Johnson, one of the Green Party’s best-known public figures, is widely acknowledged to have fought a very strong campaign as the Green Party’s mayoral candidate in May 2000 and is seeking the Green Party’s nomination for the Mayoral race once again.

Darren Johnson added, "Voters will recognise that they cannot deliver the improvements that London so desperately needs. Londoners are calling for action on the transport, environmental and urban problems facing the capital. These issues are not part of the Tories’ agenda. Reducing traffic, creating a healthy environment and regenerating local economies in the poorest parts of London are key responsibilities for the Mayor. These are natural Green issues, not Tory ones".


For further information please contact Penny Kemp (Press Officer for Darren Johnson’s mayoral selection campaign) 07711 760 692


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