A champagne toast to the success of the congestion charge

Jenny was keen to show the grass roots support for congestion charging amongst Londoners and to counter the views put forward by the vocal minority of London drivers who oppose the scheme.

Jenny Jones said, “The voters elected Green Party politicians like myself to do something about the traffic and pollution which is clogging up the lungs and arteries of London. We are concerned that the scheme might not be tough enough to work, but we agree with the majority of Londoners that it should be given a chance. “

"A successful congestion charging scheme will give drivers more reliable journeys, whilst non drivers won’t have to put up with so much of the pollution, noise and road casualties which have been imposed upon their communities. Congestion charging, better buses and improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists are all part of the package of measures which will challenge the car culture and stop London sliding further into gridlock."



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