Zack Polanski | London City Hall

Idling cars contributes to health problems and air pollution in the capital – but far too little is being done, according to London Greens. 

The Mayor issued a high air pollution warnings in March – but a report in MyLondon has found that almost half of councils have not used their powers to stop car engine idling since 2013. 

Idling contributes to diseases such as asthma and lung cancer.

Zack Polanski, Green London Assembly member, said:- “Engine idling is a symptom of congestion on our streets… we know there are young people growing up in our city with stunted lungs due to the toxicity of our air. 

“The priority must be public awareness and ensuring people understand the necessity of clean air and the damaging health effects of polluting our streets. But it is also vital that councils follow through with penalties where warnings are ignored.”


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