Greens Would Restore Meals on Wheels to Croydon

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Croydon’s Labour run council has axed its Meals on Wheels service, which will impact on the lives of vulnerable and elderly residents.

According to a report in Inside Croydon , the net saving is just £24,000, a tiny amount of the council’s budget.

The ending of the service will lead to 22 job losses and the closure of contractor Apetito’s depot in the borough. 
The burden will now fall to the vountary sector – who fear the loss of the service will negatively effect some of Croydon’s most vulnerable people. 

Green Party Mayor of Croydon candidate Peter Underwood said: “This is a  disgraceful decision by Croydon Council. This will cause hardship for those already in need and put lives at risk As Mayor of Croydon I would restore this service straight away.”  


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