Zack Polanski | London City Hall

The majority of Londoners are in favour of policies to help people on low incomes recover from the pandemic, according to a survey commissioned by Green London Assembly member Zack Polanski.

A YouGov poll found that fifty per cent of Londoners support the idea of a universal basic income, with only 22 per cent opposed. 

The policy would ensure everyone had an income, regardless of their circumstances. 

There’s also strong support for rent controls with 67 per cent in favour, and just 11 per cent opposed.

Polanski is calling on the Mayor of London to support the trial of a basic income in London. 

Zack says, “Greens have been pushing for rent controls and a basic income for several years and, while the current Mayor has now committed to pushing for devolved powers to control rents, the Government has so far not listened.

“We are asking him now to work more urgently, with Mayors from other cities, to allow cities to control rents and help Londoners whose wellbeing is seriously harmed by sky-high housing costs.”

The highest level of support for a basic income came from Londoners aged 25-49, while rent controls saw the highest support in the 50-64 age group.


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