Mayor listens to Greens and considers new ‘clean air charge’

News from Zack Polanski: Roadmap to London net zero must include a cycle  lane | London City Hall

A daily levy of up to £2 to drive a petrol or diesel car in London could be brought in by Sadiq Khan under options being considered to reduce toxic air pollution.

Expanding the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) across all Greater London’s 33 boroughs, beyond the ULEZ’s current boundary of the North and South Circular roads, is also under consideration.

These have long been advocated by environmental campaigners and championed in City Hall by Green Assembly Members.

A City Hall report said car journeys needed reduction by 27 per cent by the end of the decade for London to meet its climate change ambitions. The new plans included exemptions for hybrid or electric vehicle drivers with exemptions and discounts for disabled Londoners and those on low incomes.

Zack Polanski, Green Party spokesperson for the environment, said: “This is an historic win, showing that where Green ideas lead, mayors eventually follow. This is the first time the mayor has ever talked seriously about taking any action for a smarter system of charging for road travel. But the end of the decade will be too long to wait, and the technology could in fact be in place much sooner.” 


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