Ban Crypto Ads on the Tube!

Sian Berry sets out Green vision of a 'different economy' for London at  Chamber of Commerce event - OnLondon

Cryptocurrency adverts should have no place on the London Underground, according to Green London Assembly Member Sian Berry. 

Sian Berry is among many campaigners and experts who believe investing in digital currency markets is too risky to promote on the tube. 

“Investment bubbles have always worked by dragging in more and more inexperienced suckers towards the end of the cycle,” Sian says. “That’s the stage at which some of these projects may be at with all this public advertising.”    

Despite the volatility of cryptocurrency (and its terrible environmental impacts), the sector continues to pump money into ads on trains and the tube, with over £825,000 spent since 2018.  Sian says: “The risk is that they draw in people who are more likely than not to lose money, which is closely equivalent to gambling and I think these promotions should be banned by Transport for London in the same way.” 

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan promised to ban gambling ads on the tube and trains in his April 2021 manifesto. – which has still not happened. 


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