New leadership- Fresh vision

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay elected new joint Green Party leaders

The Green Party have announced a new leadership team with a fresh vision to see more Greens at every level of government. 

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay won the race with 44% of first preference votes and 62% of second round votes.  In a tough competition, joint candidates Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond came second with 30% of first preference votes. 

With the Green Party currently enjoying a surge in popularity, Denyer recognised that this was a golden opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. “It is a crucial moment for the Green Party and for us all. Other parties are in disarray and failing to inspire. Meanwhile we are seeing record numbers of Green councillors elected.”

Speaking straight after their victory was announced, Ramsay set out a raft of key policies including “making houses warmer and cheaper to run by mass insulation schemes.” As well as “bringing in the Universal Basic Income, which provides security an undermines the idea that people are a commodity to be exploited and run into the ground. “The new leaders were welcomed by Green London Assembly Member Caroline Russell who Tweeted “we look forward to working with you from City Hall for more success and a fairer, greener future.” 


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