Mayor’s cuts will silence vulnerable Londoners

Publication from Siân Berry: Estate redevelopment - Have things improved  under the current Mayor? | London City Hall

Green London Assembly member Sian Berry has urged the Mayor to continue to support a vital housing body.

The London Housing Panel (LHP) will have its £30,000 annual budget removed in March 2022. 

In her proposal to the London Assembly, Sian said:

“The London Housing Panel ensures that voluntary and community sectors are given a voice on the Mayor’s Homes for Londoners Board. A board that is overwhelmingly made up of Developers, Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

“Without the Panel’s membership on that board, social tenants, rough sleepers, low-income Londoners and community-led housebuilders, among others, no longer have a say in what happens to them. The Mayor should be amplifying these voices, not shutting them down.”

The full text of the motion is here:


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