The Mayor must seize the COP26 opportunity

Politics was never part of the plan. | by Zack Polanski | Medium

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan must up the ante on lobbying the government to increase powers to meet London’s environmental targets ahead of COP 26, according to a Green London Assembly Member.

Zack Polanski, Chair of the London Assembly Environment Committee, wrote to Sadiq Khan to ensure London proactively seizes the opportunities presented by COP26 in Glasgow in November. The letter covered areas like:-

Emissions – how will the Mayor engage with Government on measures to address and resolve the serious air pollution health risks facing Londoners

Mobilizing Londoners – how will the Mayor use the COP26 opportunities to get all Londoners involved in the move to net zero and decarbonisation

Regular updates – on the work the Mayor will be doing in advance of and during COP26

Zack Polanski AM, said: “COP26 in Glasgow presents an historic opportunity for London to really show the world how serious it is about weighing into the climate change discussion. It’s a prime platform for the Mayor to encourage different parts of London’s economy to make even bolder commitments. It’s also a good time to continue to up the ante on lobbying central government for even more powers to meet London’s environmental targets.”


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