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What does “not going back” mean for how we get around? | Green World

The Mayor has refused to commit to making London a Zero Waste city by 2030. 

At Mayor’s Question Time in March, Green Assembly Member Caroline Russell urged Sadiq Khan to set an agenda for waste reduction as London bounces back after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently London burns a staggering 63.3% of waste, contributing to carbon dioxide emissions and pollution, while 30% is composited or recycled, the lowest percentage in England. For this reason, environmental campaigners are calling for London to be a zero waste city by 2030.

The Mayor declined to make the pledge, saying responsibility lay with the local boroughs to reach their recycling targets as set out in his Reduction and Recycling Plans.

Caroline said:

“It was so disappointing to hear the Mayor drag his heels on a Zero Waste 2030 target for London. It would make our city healthier and more resilient at the same time as creating new sustainable jobs in London. It would also give councils overburdened by waste the vital support they need”.

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