Standing up for London’s Renters

Sian is working hard to prevent homelessness
Sian Berry is a private renter and she understands the fears of those living in the country’s most expensive city. Many renters have lost their jobs in the pandemic and one in eight are behind on their rent. That’s why Sian is calling for the Government and Mayor to protect them.

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Sian says: “We need a permanent ban on evictions during this crisis. The government keeps bringing in short-term bans, which do not give security to renters. I’m also pushing the Government to support ‘rent forgiveness’ to clear renters’ arrears and take them out of debt. Property owners have been given mortgage holidays. Renters deserve the same support.

I’ve always fought for the rights of renters. I’ve exposed bad landlords and successfully pushed Sadiq Khan to support rent controls. During these difficult times I won’t stop fighting to protect everyone from homelessness.”


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