Vaccinate Frontline Workers

Publication from Caroline Russell: Caroline Russell response to the  consultation on the Congestion Charge | London City Hall

Frontline workers such as police, fire brigade and TfL staff should be prioritised for COVID-19 vaccination once the vulnerable are immunised, according to a Green London Assembly member, Caroline Russell.

“These key workers need to be protected from coronavirus rapidly,” said Caroline.

“Prioritising vaccination for the people keeping the city running is a sensible step once the most vulnerable groups have been reached.”

Caroline’s argument has been supported by Professor Kevin Fenton of Public Health England (PHE). He has suggested that frontline exposure along with age, occupation and other risks identified by PHE, should all be factored in when planning the vaccine rollout.

Infection rates are at their worst ever levels in London, with 1 in 30 people having contracted the virus, while Transport for London has said 10% of their workers are off sick, isolating or shielding and workers in other frontline services are experiencing comparable levels of sickness.

On 11th January Transport for London announced the death of 57 of their transport workers from COVI-19, an increase of 8 from the previous month, stressing further the critical need to prioritise vaccinations for those people who keep London running and its people safe.

Click HERE to sign the petition to prioritise vaccination for frontline workers.


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