Green Party Recommit to Safeguarding London’s Vital Green Belt

Party reaffirms position on ‘gold-plating’ London’s Green Belt to protect land from housing development & untap it’s full potential 

At the recent Autumn Conference, Green Party Members came together to pass a new Food and Agricultural policy which ensures the sustainable use of Green Belt land in providing a wide range of environmental benefits including absorbing air pollution, providing a habitat for wildlife and supplying sustainable sources of food.

If enacted, the new policy will protect the land from urban development & reverse the economic pressure toward unsustainable intensive farming methods, ensuring farms and small businesses are able to make productive and environmentally safe use of Green Belt land.

This latest policy feeds into work by Green London Assembly members in illustrating what the Green Belt could be, how it could help Londoners and how it can bring improvements to our local environment.

As Mayor, Sian Berry would champion a more sustainable outer London, supporting developments that enrich the local wildlife, economy & sense of community and ensuring Londoners have access to the green open spaces that are so vital for quality of life in the capital.

Assembly Member Caroline Russell says: “As London grows the role of the Green Belt is more important than ever and the need to safeguard it is increasingly urgent. We should be enriching and enhancing what we have – turning abandoned spaces into wildlife corridors and native plant havens – rather than allowing developers to rip them up”.

“Londoners need their green spaces – our city needs breathing space”.


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