Green “tsunami” continues to sweep Europe

The rising support for Green parties across Europe has led to many talking about a Green “tsunami” and a “quiet revolution” – that will shake up international politics.

Greens had unprecedented success in the EU elections last May, with almost 10% of seats going to Green or allied parties.

More recently, in France’s municipal elections held between March and June 2020, Europe’s Écologie Les Verts gained mayoral control in Annecy, Besançon, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg and Tours and retained its mayoral seat in Grenoble.

In Germany’s local mayoral elections in North Rhine-Westphalia in September, Die Grünen won 20% of the vote.  

This is almost double the votes won in 2014 and puts them in third place overall.  Die Grünen gained its first three mayoral seats in the state: Aachen, Wuppertal and Bonn.

The results of these local elections are a good sign for upcoming national elections in 2021 in Germany and 2022 in France.

London Campaign Manager, Benali Hamdache, said: “The recent mayoral election results in France and Germany are fantastic, and show that Green policies are continuing to gain popularity across Europe. This is a really exciting time for The Green Party and we expect similar results to play out in the London mayoral elections next year.”


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