Green Mayoral Candidate responds to Budget 2024

Zoë Garbett, the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London, has responded to the latest Conservative budget that offers little for most Londoners.

Ms Garbett said, “Londoners have suffered under fourteen years of economic mismanagement by this Conservative government. London needs investment in public services but all the Chancellor had to offer was a tax bribe that benefits the richest 1%.

“Public services across London are struggling. Both Croydon and Havering councils have had to request exceptional financial support and others will need help soon as well.

“There was nothing for the millions of people that rely on public transport but yet another freeze on fuel duty. The real-term cut in fuel duty costs the economy £billions and doesn’t help people that don’t drive.

“And it fails to tackle our housing crisis. This is a political choice. Investing in building new socially rented homes, and in insulation for our current houses, would save people far more money than a 2p tax cut, while investing in our economy too.

“In the run up to this budget, the Green Party have proposed more funding for public services and a proper programme of investment to address the climate crisis through a wealth tax on the multi-millionaires and billionaires. We need an economy where everyone pays their fair share and the super wealthy have been let off the hook for too long.”


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