Green Mayor Candidate Outlines ‘Buy the Supply’ Plan To Help Housing Crisis

Zoë Garbett, Green Party candidate for Mayor of London, has visited Lambeth to hear from Central Hill residents and renew calls for scale-up of new social housing from existing houses.

Zoë says that to urgently increase the number of social housing, existing homes and programmes to ‘buy the supply’ need to be prioritised. (1).

Highlighting the fact that London has more households on the waiting list for social housing then any other part of the country, she said:

“We are beyond a housing crisis.  Londoners desperately need more affordable homes and we should look at every possible way of making that happen. I have listened to residents who feel neglected and are in desperate need of secure, warm housing.

“This is a basic human right.

“Building new social homes is a big part of the solution – but this will take time. There are former council homes that Local Authorities can buy back using existing powers. These homes will then become available at London Living Rent levels for renting.”

Laura Issac, a Lambeth resident, said “I’ve been living in temporary accommodation for 13 years, I have young children all in the same room because we can’t use one room due to leaks and mould. For the last week I’ve been without heating and hot water and no-one seems to care. It’s been great to meet Zoë and it’s amazing to actually meet people that actually listen”

Zoë also outlined how a Green Mayor’s London Plan will include stronger requirements of developers to deliver the homes London needs including increasing the proportion of council homes in any developments to at least 50% and requiring all developments (regardless of size) to comply.

“Londoners need a Mayor who will approach this with the urgency required. A Green Mayor will stand up for everyone’s right to affordable, safe housing. To deliver this, I plan to use all available powers and make a case to government for the funding to fix the problem: it has gone on too long, has been allowed to become a miserable reality, and affects far too many.”


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