No Gatwick expansion!

Zack Polanski - Assembly Member | London City Hall

The Mayor of London has u-turned on his support for expanding Gatwick Airport. 
Green Assembly Member Zack Polanski pushed the Mayor to reject plans to develop Gatwick’s second runway, a policy the mayor had previously lobbied for. 

The mayor told AMs “I’m against expansion” and added that expansion plans should be “reduced” to meet zero carbon goals.

Zack said: “The Government’s plan to cut emissions from flights isn’t working – airlines are out of control, failing to meet even basic climate targets and marking their own homework.

“It’s time to stop all airport expansion – we can’t expect the planet to be safe with the levels of flights we saw before the pandemic, let alone an increase.  The Mayor has heard and acted upon green ideas on drugs and smart, fair, road user charging and now in opposing Gatwick expansion. We’ve come a long way since the Mayor said no to a frequent flyer levy in 2016. It is clearly the sensible next step to bring emissions down. We only have a few years to make a difference on the climate. “


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