Air pollution alert in London

Zack Polanski | London City Hall

Londoners shouldn’t have to live in fear of going outside because of air pollution. 

That’s the message from Green assembly member Zack Polanski after the capital was hit with another high pollution alert last week.  

The warning was the first since August 2020 with the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, blaming a combination of local emissions and ‘imported’ pollution from the continent. 

Khan said: “Toxic air is extremely dangerous for Londoners and I’m doing everything in my power to tackle it.”

Yet the problem continues. A recent report found that around 9,400 people a year in London die prematurely from the effects of toxic air. The Mayor’s response, advising people with health issues to stay indoors, has been criticised by Zack:- “We cannot just wring our hands and say to vulnerable people avoid going outside.” 

Experts believe that a big part of the solution is persuading drivers to reduce short, non-essential journeys by car. Zack and Greens support initiatives cycling and walking infrastructure that makes it easier for drivers to leave their cars at home. 


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