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Green Party candidate apologises again for misogynistic experiment | South  West Londoner

The Mayor of London’s plans to expand the ultra-low emission zone don’t go far enough, according to Green assembly member Zack Polanski. 

Speaking on LBC radio, Polanski said he was disappointed that Sadiq Khan didn’t set out a road pricing scheme as well.  

Plans to bring in daily charges for all petrol and diesel cars have been pushed back to 2030, which Polanski believes is too late. 

Zack said: ‘Now the mayor today could have announced a new privacy friendly, smart, fair road pricing scheme. And instead he’s gone for this interim measure. And that charging scheme would mean that every car gets charged based on the type of car it is, the emissions, the roads it’s using, the time of day it’s using so that’s a much more specific charge on where and what they’re driving.’ 

Polanski believes a longer-term solution is to improve public transport. ‘We need better and more regular buses, where it’s often cheaper to drive you car than take public transport or walk or cycle so we really need to reverse that too.’ The ULEZ expansion is due to come in before the end of next year with the most polluting cars having to pay a daily charge of £12.50 to driver anywhere in Greater London.    


  1. Hi,

    I have always been a Green Party voter but I am considering not voting Green this time. I am lucky to have a great Green councilor locally, Andree Frieze, but I have to be honest and I am undecided about the coming election.

    I’m shocked to see the Green party supporting this kind of schemes that will affect people with the lowest income most. Also sending to scrap a huge amount of cars to be replaced by new electric cars is not environmentally friendly at all and is an example of green washing. The environmental impact of manufacturing new cars should be taken into account.

    I understand that we can’t carry on with individual car ownership and that this is not sustainable for the future. However public services should be improved and made cheaper before this kind of drastic action is taken.

    Some measures that should be taken first:
    – nationalise public transport such as trains, buses. I have not seen this in the manifesto.
    – cut the cost of public transport and develop it in areas that are not served well. In the manifesto but it should be done before charging people for car ownership.
    – Develop road rail transport and freight. Cutting the amount of lorries will reduce pollution drastically. Also should be done first.
    – Have a tax on any heavy car with different weight bands. A Telsa Model X is not enviromentally friendly at all with all it’s extra materials and batteries compared to a Renault Zoe for example
    – Remove plane option where the train alternative takes less than 4 hours. I think this goes further than the manifesto?

    It should also be noted that maritime transport pollutes far more than cars and steps should be taken so that food has to be sourced locally, good manufactured in the UK ect.

    If the green new deal is supposed to be for social justice, the families with less income shouldn’t be penalised. Forcing a quick replacement of fossil fuel cars with electric cars is obviously unfair and is an example of green washing I do not expect from the Green Party.

    Apologies if this message is not so structured but I thought it’s better to reply quickly rather than not say anything at all.

    Many thanks,

    Pierre Gosselin

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