Caroline Russell: 'London can be a city that shares its success with every  citizen' - Bright Green

Signs in pubs and restaurants telling people that only patrons can use their toilets may soon be a thing of past, if an important report is acted upon.

The report ‘Toilet Paper’ was commissioned by the London Assembly Health Committee, and was released on Nov 19th to coincide with World Toilet Day.

It addresses the lack of loos in the capital – oe of its 12 recommendations calls for the mayor to urge businesses and shops to open their toilet doors to the public to help compensate for the shortfall of public toilets. 

Caroline Russell of the Green Party and chair of the LA Health Committee said:  “The lack of toilets in London is a public INconvenience and closures are worsening the problem’.”

Councils are not required by law to provide toilets. The report calls for government to make councils legally obliged to ensure adequate numbers of toilets for people in the capital. Caroline Russell reminds us: ‘Public toilets are not just a convenience – they’re a necessity.”  


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