Noel Lynch RIP

London Green Left Blog: Interview - Noel Lynch - Green Party Candidate for  the London Assembly List

The Green Party is sad to report the death of Noel Lynch – a truly remarkable Green Party campaigner.  

Born in County Limerick, Noel moved to London in the mid 1980s where he continued to highlight issues such as GM crops, fluoride and animal rights. 

In 2003 he was chosen as a Green Party London Assembly member and served until the May 2004 election.  

Fellow Assembly members Caroline Russell, Sian Berry and Zack Polanski paid tribute to his energy and enthusiasm:- “In just one year he was able to publish four reports – covering local shops, plastic bags, the decline of public toilets and the need for green space.” 

Noel was ahead of the curve with all these issues which are now more pressing than ever. “His work behind the scenes since he was an Assembly Member has been invaluable, and he was a friendly face for many people new to Green politics.” 

Noel was also well known as the owner of a charity shop called The Green Room on Archway Road. A trained auctioneer, the shop was full of unusual antiques and curiosities. It also had a huge ‘Vote Green Party’ banner hanging across the entrance.  He will be greatly missed. 


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