Londoners Should Get On Their Bikes!

Green Party candidate apologises again for misogynistic experiment | South  West Londoner

A radical change is sweeping across London – increasing numbers of people getting out of their cars and onto bikes. 

But London Assembly Member Zack Polanski wants this green wave to move further and faster. 

“The whole of London deserves to breathe cleaner air,” says Zack. But for this to happen, “there has to be a total upheaval of how we encourage and fund increased cycling activity.” 

Zack is calling on the Mayor or London, Sadiq Khan,to commission a new analysis of the potential of cycling in London.   

A recent study by Imperial College showed that walking or cycling instead of driving for just one day a week reduces your carbon footprint by up to half a tonne.

Increasing the number of bike journeys should be seen as a key solution to meeting net-zero targets by 2030.  

Expanding the TfL bike hire scheme to areas outside central London could result in more than a million more bike journeys every week – and each person on a bike means one less car on the road. 


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