Greens Win Victory to Make Station Accessible for All!

Scott Ainslie MEP

After four years of hard campaigning by the Green Party, Streatham Station will be accessible for all passengers after refurbishment work beginning in January 2022. 

Subject to the approval of the train operator, GTR and other planning stages, it was also confirmed that there will be lifts from street level to each platform. 

Despite past promises and buck passing between different levels of government, local Green Party persistence paid off, leading to this victory for the whole community. 

Lambeth Green Councillor Scott Ainslie said: “It gives me great pleasure to announce that after years of campaigning to make Streatham Station accessible for all, we finally have it confirmed that work will begin in January 2022.  This is great news for the people of Streatham and means that we will now have a station fit for everyone.” 


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