Sian Berry launches manifesto to make London ‘greenest city’

Siân Berry pitches bold Green Party agenda to London business group -  OnLondon

Sian Berry launched her election manifesto as she outlined plans to make London “the greenest city in the world”.

Speaking at a council estate in Lambeth, Sian launched the manifesto saying “Londoners are crying out for a new start, and Greens are ready to roll up our sleeves and transform this city. London should be the greenest city in the world, and we can get there with a new Green Mayor.”

Ms Berry pledged to bring forward climate change targets to 2030 and committed to cancelling the controversial Silvertown road tunnel project.

The manifesto includes plans to scrap the zones system on London’s transport network to flatten fares, as well as to make all of London’s transport zero-carbon by 2030.

Also included are pledges to tackle the housing crisis, including through the formation of a Rent Commission that will define a more accurate London Living Rent, and a People’s Land Commission that will give Londoners a greater say over how land is used.

Ms Berry said: “Coronavirus has exposed some of the worst gaps in our systems, but these systems can be changed. Our manifesto sets out a new start for London: a real green recovery that reduces inequality and builds resilience for a secure future.”



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