Reduce, Reuse, Repair!

London needs repair centres on every high street to help cut landfill waste and incineration, according to Sian Berry, Green London Assembly member and Mayoral candidate.

Among her election pledges, Sian wants to publish a waste reduction strategy that would include a new fund to help councils and local enterprises turn empty high street shops and buildings into repair centres, upcycling everything from furniture and electricals to clothes.

The fund would also support the establishment of a ‘library of things’ in every borough, where people could borrow infrequently used household items such as power tools, sewing machines, camping equipment and luggage. Colleges would be supported to create reuse and repair workshops, and a London Repair Academy would be founded as a London-wide resource, hub and educational centre for training and information.

This is all part of Sian’s pledge for London to become a zero-waste city by 2030. As Berry emphasises: ‘Greens know that preventing climate chaos goes hand in hand with solving these social and economic problems, and Greens will work with Londoners to build a way out of all the crises we face to secure a better future.
‘Londoners are crying out for a new start, and Greens are ready to roll up our sleeves and transform this city.’


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