Green Party condemns Met mismanagement of London vigil

News from Siân Berry: 'More young people should complain about police  mistreatment' | London City Hall

Sian Berry has condemned the Metropolitan police mismanagement of the recent Clapham Common vigil for Sarah Everard. 

The Green Party co-leader said: “I can’t think of a more shameful way for an organisation to have handled this whole situation.  

“There was no chance of this being a violent event if it had been left in peace. And given what prompted it, these scenes are just abhorrent and traumatic to see for so many of us.” 

Direct action group Sisters Uncut organised a vigil in Leeds where a minute’s silence was observed and hundreds lay on the ground to remember women whose lives have been lost by violence. Around eight police were observed surrounding Millennium Square during the vigil.  

The vigils occurred on the eve of the Policing Bill arriving in the House of Commons which aims to seriously curtail the right to peaceful protest. 


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