Sian Berry: Will the woman described as 'environmental Viagra' turn us on  to the Green Party? | The Independent | The Independent

Even though it has been a long time coming, Sian Berry, London Assembly member and Green party candidate for Mayor, welcomed the news that hate crimes motivated by misogyny, will be recorded by the police from autumn 2021. 

Sian had called on the Mayor of London to make this a priority for the Met since 2017.

Now the government is moving forward with this change, described as an ‘experimental trial’ by Home Office minister Baroness Williams.

Sian believes the law commission and government must act quickly: “Currently women across our city face abuse and risk every single day. Like every woman in London, I’ve known the fear of being in danger as part of daily life simply because of my gender. For other forms of hate, crimes of violence and harassment are recorded and treated with the right gravity and care, and this gap needs to be closed”.


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